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Knoxville Congregation

We are a congregation in mission, but also a congregation in transition from a building-based ministry to a house church-based ministry. We have sold the building we have been meeting in as no longer fitting our needs, but will be continuing to meet in homes as we seek guidance on who and where the Lord       is calling us to be next and how we can best serve our community. 

For information on when and where services will take place, contact one of our


Marilyn Turner, (865) 579-1785,

Miriam Land, (865) 274-8012,

Candy Hammer, (865) 300-3246,


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Community of Christ

Knoxville, Tennessee

Every Sunday, we encourage the congregation to offer up the concerns of family and friends for prayer. We believe that our prayers to God are heard and that we can ask God for help and guidance. Would you like us to pray for you?

Are you planning a visit? Would you like more information? We'd love to hear from you.