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Knoxville Congregation

We are a congregation in mission, but also a congregation in transition from a building-based ministry to a house church-based ministry. We have sold the building we have been meeting in as no longer fitting our needs, but will be continuing to meet in homes as we seek guidance on who and where the Lord       is calling us to be next and how we can best serve our community. 

For information on when and where services will take place, contact one of our


Marilyn Turner, (865) 579-1785,

Miriam Land, (865) 274-8012,

Candy Hammer, (865) 300-3246,


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Community of Christ has 250,000 members in more than 60 nations. The church’s mission is to “proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.” The church's International Headquarters is located in Independence, Missouri, USA.

We offer a community where you can belong, be valued and loved, deepen your spirituality, and discover a purpose that can change lives and communities.

Community of Christ is a welcoming, loving faith community that values the worth of every person as a child of God. We provide a safe space for you to explore and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ and each other. Come discover renewed purpose for your life through compassionate, Christ-like service that ends suffering and fosters justice and peace.

What Makes Community of Christ Right for You?
  • We nurture inclusive communities where people value the worth of each person—places to belong.

  • We develop and equip people of all ages with skills to make a positive difference—to engage in compassionate ministries that serve the poor and hungry and stop conditions that diminish the worth of persons.

  • As an international faith movement, Community of Christ celebrates the cultural diversity of our worldwide membership.

  • We work with other faiths and organizations to seek justice and make peace around the world.

  • Community of Christ recognizes that people of all ages bring ministry based on their God-given giftedness.

Community of Christ will help you grow spiritually, discover your purpose, and equip you to be part of Christ’s mission of compassion, justice, and peace.

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